Are you looking for an affordable property investment?

Have you always been interested in property investing but never really had the available funds or too worried about the upfront costs and associated risks?

Are you worried that your pension isn’t going to deliver the funds you need to enjoy your retirement?

You are not alone. There are many people out there who love the idea of property investing but, from a financial perspective, it always seemed to be out of reach and required too much capital. There are also many people in the UK close to reaching retirement age and concerned about the provision they’ve made for the future and whether it will be enough.

Well, the good news is that property investing has just got much easier and more affordable. We have partnered with a UK specialist in property investment products to offer you a unique investment product that enables you to purchase prime UK stock at discount fund prices. Through specially devised payment plans which are tailored to your financial circumstances and future long-term income requirements, you are able to spread the cost of your investment through a monthly payment plan so that you can budget effectively.

There are 3 payment options available:

 Option 1 – The Monthly & Mortgage Plan

Ideal for clients who do not have access to a lump sum and have capital tied up in other investments.

3% reservation fee required (minimum of £3000)

£500 legal fees

30% deposit divided by the number of build term months and paid monthly. For example, 18 x monthly instalments

Full financial details available on request

Option 2 – The Lump Sum Purchase Plan

Ideal for clients who have access to a lump sum and investors who are looking for a ‘hands-off’ investment.

Payment is made across 8 scheduled lump sum payments of 12.5% across a scheduled two year period. In the 24th month clients have the option of selling the property on or holding on to it and receiving the rental income. There is a full letting and management service included for those looking to rent out the property after purchase.

Full financial details available on request

Option 3  - Earn Income From The Point of Reservation (Limited Time Only)

All clients who are able to pay their full 30% deposit upfront will be eligible to:

Receive the rental income on a monthly basis for 18 months, starting one month from the full deposit payment even though the property is still under construction.


Roll-up 18 months payable rent and deduct this from the full purchase amount – providing a further discount from an already discounted product.

After just five short years, you will own a fully paid for UK property. Sell it, rent it, live in it, pass it on to your children or retain it as part of your estate, it's your choice.

Examples of a one and two bed apartment showing the returns for each deposit payment across an 18 month period:

Example Costs                        1 Bed               2 Bed

Unit Purchase Price                £97,746           £110,496

30% Deposit Required           £29,323.80      £33,148.80

Net Rental Income                  £7,781.40        £9,245.88

18 month period

Return %                                 26.5%              27.8%


Have we whetted your appetite?

We have a fantastic new development in the heart of Derby city centre where you can take advantage of any of the above options to make your payment. Remember, you can spread the deposit payment by instalments so you don’t need to make a huge down payment to benefit.

You can find details of the development here: 

Contact us now to find out more

17 November 2015
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