Brexit doesn’t alter the supply and demand issue in the UK

Irrespective of the triggering of Article 50, the UK has a major housing supply issue which means that there is an ever-growing list of people who are eager to rent. Investing in buy-to-let properties is therefore still a highly viable and attractive opportunity despite the uncertainty that Brexit has created. 

England alone needs a minimum of 260,000 new homes a year to cope with rising demand and leaving the EU makes no difference to this.

People still need somewhere to live and if they can’t afford a mortgage, buy-to-let is where they will turn. Brexit hasn’t changed that simple fact. 

Lessons from history

During 2001-03 when the UK declined to join the Euro, many concerns were raised about the fall of investment in the UK with people fearing that investors would move their focus to the Eurozone. These fears were totally unfounded and during that period investment activity in the UK actually grew by 20%.

Overseas Investment in the UK property sky-rocketing

The UK has secured more than £15 billion of extra overseas investment since the vote to leave the EU. The current low levels of sterling have acted as a massive stimulus since Brexit and there has now been more than £16.3 billion worth of foreign direct investment in sectors including property development, infrastructure and renewable energy.

Britain’s big cities are benefiting the most

It is major UK cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle that have seen significant uplifts in investment since Brexit. From a property perspective, these cities have three major things in common:

-       High numbers of young professionals

-       Growing student populations

-       High levels of tenant demand, and low supply

These facts make Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle buy-to-let hotspots which have attracted billions of pounds’ worth of investment from home and overseas.

Isn’t it time that you benefited?

Download our guides to Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle here and discover why property investment in these cities could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. 



25 April 2017
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