Have you maxed out your finances on renting?

Here are some design ideas for young professionals on a budget


You’re a young professional, you’ve just moved into your swanky new apartment in the heart of the city and now you want to decorate it to the best of your ability. The only trouble is you’ve already maxed out most of your budget on renting the place and of course, you still have bills to pay. So what do you do?


Well, with a bit of thought and planning, you can still make your place the cool pad you want it to be but without spending a fortune. Here are a few design tips for you to consider:


Use bean bags or poufs instead of chairs or sofas – kitting out your apartment with brand new chairs and sofas is expensive so if you want to save a bit on your budget why not combine a sofa or loveseat with a colour-matched bean bag or pouf. Considerably cheaper than buying a chair, a bean bag or pouf will add a stylish and quirky contrast to the rest of the furniture.


Invest in a large wall mirror – this is the oldest trick in the book and is a timeless classic when it comes to making your apartment more spacious. Large wall mirrors can be picked up relatively cheaply if you shop around and they can have a very dynamic impact on the visual appearance of your apartment.


Glass furniture – keeping with the glass theme, glass furniture or lucite, which is the lighter, plastic equivalent, will make your apartment look modern, sleek and stylish. Any furniture that you can see through creates the illusion of more space and, because it’s cheaper than wood, you can pick up glass furniture at a price that won’t break the bank.


Open storage units – when space is limited then thinking carefully about how you want to divide up your space so that it doesn’t look cluttered is of paramount importance. Storage is critical in apartments so look for pieces that can have a multiple purpose – book cases with drawers for storage, beds with storage drawers, decorative boxes to sit above wardrobes etc. Storage doesn’t have to look ugly so seek out pieces that complement the décor of your apartment. 


Avoid large furniture – It may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many apartments we see with huge sofas and cumbersome coffee tables. This is not a good look. When it comes to limited space, less is most definitely more so go for loveseats over big sofas, small glass coffee tables as opposed to ottoman tables and two-seater dining tables rather than tables big enough to fit the whole family around and leaving no room to swing a cat.


Follow these tips and you will keep your budget under control.

3 October 2016
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