Luxury student apartments in the latest property hotspot of Chester

Chester has seen a huge 164% rise in property demand over the last 12 months – the highest in the country. There are numerous reasons for this. Chester has recently been voted as the ‘best place to live in the UK’ by the UK Hot Housing Index which is drawn up by location specialists CACI and when you measure factors such as employment levels, school provision, local amenities and internet connectivity, Chester scored highest in the UK.


If you throw into the mix the proximity of Chester to large cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, and the prestigious University of Chester which attracts over 18,000 students from around the world, it’s easy to see why Chester is regarded as one of the latest property hotspots in the UK.


So, with this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Northgate Point, a new purpose-built investment opportunity in the student property market. This superb development offers investors a minimum of 8% net yields which are assured for 5 years after completion in September 2016. Strategically located near to the university and the city centre, Northgate Point offers the perfect solution for students looking for high standard accommodation in the heart of the city.


Ideal accommodation for year 2 /international students


When year 2 students have to leave the Halls of Residence due to the new influx of year 1 students, they will need somewhere to reside and Northgate Point represents the ideal location and style of accommodation they need. The development also represents the ideal accommodation for international students to Chester who will be looking for high quality and safe environments in which to study.


A total of 121 student studio apartments are in the process of being built, each with en-suite bathrooms, bespoke kitchens with contemporary appliances and living, study and sleeping areas. With no other student accommodation development offering the same high level of quality, we don’t expect these apartments to be on the market for too long. And remember, because the apartments are under £150K and are also classed as a commercial investment, they are not subject to the recent 3% surcharge hike on stamp duty.


We advise you to act quickly with this investment opportunity so to find out more about Northgate Point and the rental yields that you could be enjoying, please contact us now.

8 December 2015
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