The buzz surrounding Peterborough

If you ask most people about Peterborough they might know that there’s a cathedral there and that they may have queued there once waiting for a passport from the passport office. Other than that, they probably won’t know much else about it. Well, let me enlighten you. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Peterborough recently looking at the fantastic Varity House property development that we’re involved with and my time in the city has been a revelation.


There’s a definite buzz surrounding Peterborough at the moment, following announcements of a £130 million regeneration plan that is planned to give the city a huge boost. The plan will see a number of key locations in the city undergo significant redevelopment which will be a great catalyst for new jobs and homes in the area.


Only 45 minutes from London


As investors continue to look outside of the eye-watering costs of investment in London, Peterborough benefits from being only a 45 minute commute away from the capital and, as the city starts to gain from all the redevelopments, this is sure to catapult Peterborough firmly into the commuter belt as more people gravitate towards the city for affordable housing and a better quality of life.


Peterborough is ticking the right boxes for many people looking to live in the city. It offers affordable housing, a short commuting journey for those who want to continue working in London, more disposable income and strong job growth.  With an influx of new digital based businesses in the Peterborough area, you don’t necessarily need to commute to London to find a good quality job with a salary that is not a million miles away from what you would be getting in London anyway. This is all part of the city’s attraction.


A great time to invest


Alongside Milton Keynes, Peterborough is regarded as one of the UK’s fastest growing cities and property investors from both home and overseas are starting to sit up and take notice of the city and the opportunities it represents for strong rental growth.


Now is a great time to invest in Peterborough before everybody gets in on the act. By the time the £130 million regeneration plan has been finished, everybody will have noticed Peterborough as the prime commuter location it is and the prices will shoot up.


The hallmark of a savvy investor is getting in early on property investment opportunities in cities before they really take off. Peterborough is a city that falls into this category and our investment opportunity at Varity House, which comprises 97 one and two bedroom apartments set within landscaped gardens and with ample parking, represents an ideal opportunity to stake your claim in the city.


For more information about Varity House and the potential that Peterborough has for attracting new investors, please contact me now.


24 November 2015
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