The core of Manchester’s success

At the core of Manchester’s success is its ability to hold on to graduates who stay in the city rather than heading off to new horizons. A major factor behind this is not just the job opportunities that exist in the city but its vibrant hospitality and entertainment scene. Testament to this is that in 2015 alone nearly 60 new food and drink establishments have set up, which is staggering when you think about it.


There is no doubt that these venues wouldn’t have set up shop in Manchester unless they were pretty confident that the audience is there and that the opportunity to be successful is a good one. It’s interesting that many brands that previously only had a presence in London have now branched out to Manchester, choosing this city above all others, 


The perfect target audience


Manchester has firmly positioned itself as a city that’s a great place to work, rest and play for young professionals and that, in essence, has created the perfect target audience for many of the venues setting up in the city.


And hot on the heels of these venues shooting up, there is an ever-growing list of new apartments being developed specifically aimed at the young professional market.


When you combine the entertainment scene with Manchester’s vibrant arts, cultural and sporting sector, its little wonder that Manchester has become the flagship for the government’s Northern Powerhouse agenda.


A compelling formula


The importance of Manchester’s infrastructure should also not be under estimated. Manchester Airport flies to more than 200 destinations across the world and is seen as the key airport outside of the capital.


This type of connectivity is a major factor when businesses choose to locate in the city, as is Manchester's proximity to vital motorway and rail networks.


All this adds up to a compelling formula for investors and for anybody in the property game, Manchester is never off the agenda.


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18 December 2015
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