Top 10 reasons to invest in property


  1. Regular, reliable income – from a cash flow perspective, investing in a property in the right area for the right price will attract good tenants who will pay their rent on time and provide you with a regular, passive income.

  2. Capital Growth – whether you’re investing in property for regular rental income or capital growth, the chances are that you may benefit from both. Savvy investors can enjoy strong monthly income and also benefit from high capital appreciation when they are ready to sell. This is especially true of making off-plan investments where good discounts on the property price have already been obtained at the initial purchase.

  3. Strong yields - Returns on property investment consistently outperform other forms of investment such as ISAs, bonds and equities.

  4. Leverage - Investing in property gives you the leverage to borrow more money to help you increase your portfolio. There are no other investment opportunities out there where you can borrow money to buy.

  5. Retirement - Property investment is a great way of supplementing your retirement income and, with the changes in the pension reforms, you can now access your retirement funds earlier to take advantage of property investment opportunities.

  6. Asset - If you want to leave a valuable asset for your children or maybe provide somewhere they can live if they are going to university, then property investment is a great option.

  7. Supply and Demand - There is a huge supply and demand issue in the UK housing market currently which means that there is very strong tenant demand for rental property.

  8. Hassle-Free – For investors who do not want the hassle of being a landlord, there are numerous residential apartment and student property developments to invest in which are fully managed, allowing you to enjoy a hands-off investment.

  9. Capital Release – Owning a property portfolio can give you access to cash when you need it.

  10. Students & Young Professionals - UK city centres are seeing high growth in the numbers of students and young professionals which is creating a strong need for high quality purpose-built student accommodation and prime city centre developments, both of which are high yielding rental opportunities.


30 August 2016
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