Why Birmingham is proving to be a magnet for Londoners

According to recent figures from the Office of National Statistics, nearly 60,000 people aged 30 pus have left London in the last 12 months and moved north, with their favourite destination being Birmingham!

There would have been a time when Londoners wouldn’t have entertained the idea of such a move, but how things have changed. The Birmingham of crumbling and out-dated architecture, infuriating ring roads and ugly shopping centres is being replaced by new landmark buildings, exciting infrastructure projects and trendy city centre living spaces. And all of this has contributed to the sudden increase in Londoners moving to the city.

The renaissance of Birmingham has been a long time coming but now it’s here, Londoners are starting to take notice. Attracted by its cheaper property prices, fashionable city centre residences, lower cost of living and the emergence of new hi-tech industries, Londoners are now upping sticks and moving to Birmingham to enjoy a better quality of life, to bring up a family and to have a better work/life balance.

The changing face of Birmingham

The crippling house prices in London and the agonies of the daily commute are making Londoners look outside of the capital to find new jobs and to set up home. Birmingham is well placed to attract these people because of its great transport links, affordable properties, business growth rates and proximity of services.

Global players like HSBC and Deutsche Bank are setting up shop in Birmingham and the many high profile developments such as the revitalised New Street Station and Paradise Circus are changing the face of the city for the better.

With HS2 On the horizon, there won’t be any reason left to live in London at all. Everybody will be doing their commute from Birmingham!

There are some fantastic property investment opportunities in Birmingham at the moment so to get the inside-track on where the best opportunities are, please feel free to contact us.

7 September 2015
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