Why invest in Manchester?

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Manchester is the number one buy-to-let location in the UK. With is vibrant economy, affordable property prices and large young professional and student population, the city is primed for rental.

Manchester has the largest student market in the UK, the highest percentage of 20 to 34-year-olds in the country and an undersupply of housing which is causing the rental market to boom. So, if you’re a property investor, Manchester is without doubt the place to be.

The city is at the hub of the Northern Powerhouse plans and with Manchester set to be the first UK city outside of the capital to have an elected mayor, this will facilitate more freedoms regarding the property infrastructure of the city, which should spell good news for investors.

The undersupply of property in Manchester is pushing rents to an all-time high, leaving investors with excellent high rental yield opportunities as well as superb potential for capital growth.

If you are looking for property investment opportunities in Manchester, then contact us now. We will give you open and honest advice about the state of the current market and where the best prospects are for attractive returns.

With a population of 2.5 million and a workforce of 1.2 million, Manchester is on top of its game when it comes to business development and, outside of London, it now has the UK’s largest economy. Attracting thousands of buy-to-let investors from both home and overseas, Manchester has always been a magnet for drawing in serious amounts of investment and is now considered one of the most mature property investment markets in the world.

The extensive regeneration programme that has taken place in Manchester has transformed the city and made it the vibrant metropolis it is today. With a superb reputation for financial services, computing, engineering, research, broadcasting and communications, many young people move to Manchester to seek employment and improve their standard of living.

Manchester can also boast the UK and Europe’s largest university campus with over 85,000 domestic and international students, many of which stay in the city after graduation to find employment and enjoy all that Manchester has to offer.

Manchester's reputation as a world-class city is on the rise, with more and more people and businesses realizing what a great place it is to live and work. As a city with an amazing pool of talent, one of the world's most connected airports and transport infrastructures and one of the highest quality and most diverse ranges of businesses, it's no surprise that the Manchester property market is also booming.

As a thriving hub of international business, it continues to provide the location for some of the world's greatest pioneers, creators and innovators, people who drive the UK economy forward and attract some of the planet's greatest companies.

Manchester is also an extremely well connected city. As well as providing an easy train commute for business meetings across the north-west and the rest of the UK and Europe, it's also home to a leading international airport, the UK’s third largest and the so-called Global Gateway. Manchester Airport handles more than 22 million passengers every year and serves more than 200 worldwide destinations. The recent addition of flights to Beijing will almost certainly bring more investment to the area from East Asian companies.

And we shouldn’t forget that the planned high-speed link, HS2, will make the city even more well-connected, reducing journey times from London to Manchester Piccadilly to just one hour.