These are the best areas for tree hugging homebuyers

These are the best areas for tree hugging homebuyers

Published 10th March By Peter Smith
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Research from Barrows and Forrester has revealed which areas of the property market offer the best options for homebuyers who want to buy some bricks and mortar while maintaining a good level of trees within the surrounding area, with the data showing that areas where more trees have been planted are actually home to far more affordable property values. 

Across England, it is estimated that 15.1 million trees were planted between 2010-2018. With the national average house price currently sitting at £293,339.

But which regions of England have got the most newly planted trees and, therefore, make ideal homes for those wanting to live in green areas with good air quality? 

At the top of the list is the North West which has seen more than 2.7 million trees planted between 2010-2018. With an average regional house price of £200,172, it’s also one of the more affordable regions for a property purchase. 

Next is the South West where 2 million trees have been newly planted although the average house price is a far less affordable £314,037; followed by the East Midlands where 2 million trees and an average house price of £212,229, again a far easier step on to the ladder for tree friendly homebuyers. 

Those looking for an abundance of trees and affordable property prices would do well to steer clear of what are traditionally two of the strongest regions of the property market. 

The region with the least number of newly planted trees is London, where just 19,100 were planted between 2010-2018 and a property will set you back a huge £521,146, meanwhile, the South East has had just 1.2 million new trees planted and is home to an average price of £380,237.

In fact, the good news for homebuyers is that even at a more local level, more trees tends to mean lower property prices. 

In fact, of those places that have more than 200,000 newly planted trees, including Northumberland, Carlisle, County Durham, and Allerdale, are home to a combined average house price of £275,738. 

Meanwhile, in those places that have between 100,000-200,000 new trees, including Harrogate, East Suffolk, Oldham, and Shropshire, the average house price is £281,305. 

And finally, in those places that have recorded zero newly planted trees, including the vast majority of London boroughs, the average house price is a hefty £406,303

Managing Director of Barrows and Forrester, James Forrester, commented:

“Given how buyers have become obsessed with green, spacious living locations in the years since the pandemic, one would assume that those areas with the most newly planted trees would command higher house prices, but our research suggests that the opposite is, in fact, true. 

“The simple explanation for this is that our big cities, where house prices are often highest, are not planting many or any trees, while those more rural areas populated by smaller towns and villages, where prices tend to be lower, are planting a lot of new trees.

“This is wonderful news for anyone who considers green space and clean air a priority in their property search, because it’s usually the case that our list of must-haves increase the price we have to pay for a home. But, for these people, their wish list is actually saving them money.”


Data Tables

Trees planted data sourced from The Forestry Commission

Land use data sourced from Gov.UK - Live tables for land use

Average house price data sourced from Gov.UK - House Price Index


Table shows English regions, their number of newly planted trees, their average house price, and the resulting house price per newly planted tree.
Location Est number of trees newly planted 2010-2018 AveHP - Dec 2021
ENGLAND 15,089,500 £293,339
NORTH WEST 2,754,600 £200,172
SOUTH WEST 2,067,600 £314,037
EAST MIDLANDS 2,045,200 £235,004
WEST MIDLANDS 1,956,400 £212,229
NORTH EAST 1,779,800 £147,214
EAST OF ENGLAND 1,649,800 £339,502
YORKSHIRE AND THE HUMBER 1,550,600 £196,877
SOUTH EAST 1,266,500 £380,237
LONDON 19,100 £521,146


Table shows number of newly planted trees vs. average house price
Newly planted trees Average house price
200,000+ £275,738
100,000+ to 200,000 £281,305
All trees £280,837
No trees £406,303


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