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It never pays to have all your eggs in one basket with whatever kind of investment you are doing and the same is true of property investment. Diversification is key to achieving success and reducing your risks.

The Hallmark

Residential Investment

Manchester City Centre

Prices From £191,000


Quayside View Studios

Student Investment

8% Rental Yields

Prices from £67,500


Wilburn Basin

Residential Investment

Prime City Location

Prices from £222,750


With the property market being so varied you are bound to experience some highs and lows with your investments so it’s about capitalising on the positives when you can so that they offset any potential negatives that may happen.

For example, if a particular area of the property market is seeing a big surge in the market i.e. student property, then it makes sense to have part of your portfolio in this area. On the other hand, if part of your portfolio is experiencing a dip, then by at least having some money tucked away in an area that is currently booming will mean that you won’t suffer too much..

At Barrows & Forrester we will help you build a property portfolio that fits in with your investment goals and is strongly focused on achieving an attractive return on investment.

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