Birmingham gets back to business with the first phoenix business club meeting in over a year

Birmingham got back to business as more than 50 prominent business leaders from a multitude of sectors came together at the Cielo restaurant in Brindleyplace, to celebrate the return of the Phoenix Business Club and its first event since February of last year. 

The Phoenix Business Club has been running for over 27 years and is one of Birmingham’s largest and most successful business networking events, providing local business owners with the opportunity to meet, network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

With COVID restrictions continuing to impact local businesses, the first event in a post-pandemic landscape provided plenty to talk about, albeit while adhering to the necessary rules and regulations. 

However, there was a clear message from those in attendance that Birmingham’s struggling businesses were no longer prepared to suffer at the hands of the government’s restrictive and unnecessary Covid protocols. 

The event itself sold out within 24 hours demonstrating that Birmingham is keen to get moving again, with local estate and lettings agent, Barrows and Forrester, sponsoring this first step towards normality. 

Managing Director of Barrows & Forrester, James Forrester, commented:

“Our message to the government is clear, local businesses will no longer standby and watch as our livelihoods are put at risk and we’ll now be taking things into our own hands to support the local area, local jobs and the economy. 

“Birmingham is an outstanding city and it’s time we started to rebuild from the damage done by COVID. An overly cautious approach is threatening the very DNA of what makes Birmingham great and that’s the people and the independent enterprises. We can’t continue along this road for much longer and this latest event is proof that we don’t intend to either.”

Jimi Shabir, MD for Bootcamp Media and Chair for the Phoenix Business Club also commented:

“It’s great to be back and see that there is such a huge appetite for face to face interaction amongst Birmingham’s business community. We’ve quite literally risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of COVID uncertainty and it was also great to do our part in helping out a hospitality industry that has struggled greatly during the pandemic. 

“We look forward to this being the first of many events as we start to rebuild Birmingham’s business sector one brick at a time."