Why let with Barrows & Forrester


We love happy landlords and as you know, you will want your properties filled with no void good tenants for good periods of time with little to no hassle - so let us manage all aspects of your property portfolio with a no let no fee offer to you.

Three simple reasons why you should pick us



We will deal with every aspect of managing your properties giving you more time to do the things you love. We'll continually provide you with advice about how best to manage your portfolio.



We ensure your investment is bring in its returns by sourcing reliable tenants, offering zero deposit schemes (that protects you for six weeks) and promoting your property through our specialised marketing content and campaigns.



All our fees are fixed price meaning you know where you stand with your properties. Our Payprop app also lets you transparently track all your income and fees every month

Looking to change agent?

If you're reading this you're already unhappy with your estate agency and are considering going with someone else. It's vital you have the right estate agent who is willing to listen to your needs and provide you with a first class service with little to no hassle.

As a landlord you need an estate agent you can communicate with. They need to be looking after your best interests as well as ensuring that your tenant is happy. Happy tenants mean minimum void periods, something which all landlords want to avoid.

For a free and impartial chat with no obligations please get in touch. We're more than happy to provide you with any advice to help you make the best decision for your portfolio whether that's with us or not.

Moving estate agents is a bit like moving banks - not many people take up the option as they believe it's too hard and will take up too much time so they carry on putting up with a bad service. With our switch service we take on all the work and free up your time, there's no upfront fees to pay and we'll provide you with a dedicated account manager to oversea the whole process.

Request more Details

As we do with all our clients we sit down and get to know you to understand what your needs are - everyone is different and we want to ensure you're getting the service you want from us.

Throughout the time we're working together we'll offer you impartial advice about the best way to manage your portfolio and any scenarios that may arise.

We're even happy to discuss opportunities you may have outside of Barrows & Forrester - as we always want to ensure you're getting the expert knowledge you need to make the best decision for you.


We will get your properties off the market through our effective marketing campaigns and video content so you can start getting your returns in as soon as possible.

Our first class referencing gives you peace of mind knowing that we'll bring you a high calibre of tenants from you to choose from.

We use Payprop to manage all payment between tenants, landlords and ourselves. This means you get paid within one day on a standing order payment or three days within the direct debit payment and via the app you will have full transparency with document, payments and fees.

When you sign up with us you'll also be given exclusive access to our B&F Club - a shortcut to being a better landlord. B&F Club provides exclusive information, advice and offers about the West Midlands property sector before anyone else.

This could mean you find out the best property deals across the region before anyone else which most importantly gets you ahead of the competition.

We also hold two VIP events a year to discuss all things property in the area with keynote speakers, key insights to prepare you for the year ahead and special offers for those who attend.

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