Planning with Barrows & Forrester

Planning with Barrows & Forrester

Working with landowners and developers to bring prosperity and regeneration to the Midlands

Barrows and Forrester are experts in land and property development.

Our detailed local knowledge is key to identifying the potential in prospective development opportunities.

Landowners who want to sell or build, developers who want to bring new properties to the market - we provide advice, local expertise and experience– ensuring maximum value for every stakeholder.

Land and planning consultancy service

As any developer knows, local planning can be a varied ballgame. So, who better to help you with the planning process than local consultants?

We’ve supported residential and commercial developments, refurbishments and regeneration projects.

We work closely with reputable commercial and residential property developers to bring new properties to the market. When you need to source potential land or property opportunities, discuss feasibility, acquisition and sales, our team are happy to help.

Landowners who want to develop

Landowners come in all sizes – from large gardens to farmland ready for diversification. If you’re speculating on the potential of your land, give us a call. We can help you to identify the opportunities, consider your planning prospects and understand the value your land could have.

Why choose Barrows & Forrester?

We don’t just understand the local property market, it’s our reason to be. We can provide all the expertise you need in one place. Sales, acquisition, identifying opportunities, planning, appraisals and marketing.

You wouldn’t speculate on a property deal without all the background knowledge in place. We’re here to fill all the gaps. Contact our land and planning consultancy experts today.

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