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15 July 2021

One way to add value to your home is by renovating it; another is through increasing the amount of accommodation, by either building an extension or converting something like the loft or a garage to create an extra living room or bedroom. But if you don’t want to...

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7 June 2021

We know from experience that the better your home looks and feels when potential buyers come to view, the more likely you are to get an asking price offer. For many people, the decision about whether to buy a home is an emotional one, and we’ve found that, more often...

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19 May 2021

At Barrows & Forrester we understand how important it is to pick the right estate agent, as it can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home. If you’re thinking of selling your home, we’ve put together 10 tips for picking the right estate...

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6 May 2021

If you’ve ever searched online for a home yourself, you’ll know how many listings there are. The broader your search terms, the more results are going to come up, and then you start scrolling through… So, what is it that makes you stop scrolling?...

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14 April 2021

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and life stages that you’ll ever go through. Whether you’re a first time buyer getting their foot on the ladder or a second time buyer who is looking to move their way up, at Barrows & Forrester we understand that...

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7 April 2021

You did it: you found an agent you liked, who loved your home and valued it at a price you were happy with. They put together an impressive marketing plan and the ‘For Sale’ board has been invitingly positioned at the end of the drive for a while. It seems like...

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