The end of self employment at purplebricks? “then come on over”

In the wake of revelations that PurpleBricks is abandoning it’s self-employed LPE model, one West Midland estate agency boss has a comforting message for those that wish to retain the freedom and the financial benefits of self-employment.

“Come on over to me instead’ says James Forrester, Managing Director of Birmingham and Lichfield estate agency Barrows and Forrester.

Observers may find it interesting that a traditional property business is laying out such an invitation however, UK estate agents have never been shy of an enterprising nature and James Forrester believes that there is room within his business for both approaches.

‘The unsuspecting LPEs that have entrusted Purplebricks with their careers will be smarting this week at the changes that are being enforced and their implications’ says James.

‘It’s quite the about-turn versus the enthusiasm that ‘PurpleBricks 1.0’ had for the benefits of their listers not being formally employed. But regardless, I’m currently expanding my areas of representation further and further across the West Midlands and will extend this offer to PurpleBricks LPEs: If you currently work a West Midlands patch, come and talk to me. I’ll partner with you on a similar basis to PurpleBricks. No messing and in confidence’. 

‘I won’t let you down as you just have been” 

James Forrester can be contacted at