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Why Use Us?

By working with Barrows & Forrester, you can place your trust in a company that will have your best interests at heart and that will guide you through every aspect of the selling process.

Why Sell With Us?

The home is an integral part of all our lives – emotionally and financially. Therefore, the decision to sell a house is not one you should make lightly. You need to price your home appropriately to attract interest, figure out a marketing strategy, choose the best agent to work with and a whole host of other details.

Local Experts

Our specialist property consultants know your area like the back of their hands. They live, breathe and sleep property every day.

Fixed Fee

Unlike other estate agents we could mention, when we say fixed fee it means fixed fee. It even includes your viewings.

Sell your home quickly

We know what it takes to sell your property quickly in a competitive market. This is where our experience really counts.

24/7 Availability

Unlike a purely online estate agent, you can talk to us at any time. We’re here to answer your questions and deal with your issues immediately. Not that you’ll have any issues – we’ll make sure of that.

Best price

Our agents are expert negotiators who know how to handle offers and ensure that you get the price you need. Let’s put it this way – they’re not backwards in coming forwards.

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